Brad Charlevoix is a practicing clairvoyant reader, spiritual healer and teacher with 19 years experience.

Brad is a 1992 graduate in the Lewis Bostwick style of clairvoyant training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in the San Francisco Bay area, He attended a number of graduate programs including the BPI teacher’s program and worked in the Berkeley Psychic Institute seminaries in Berkeley and San Rafael, California.

He has taught clairvoyant meditation, spiritual healing, intensive clairvoyant training and was acting assistant director at the Kona Psychic Center & Clairvoyant Center of Hawaii on the Big Island from 2001-2004

2005-2007 he taught long distance (on the phone), meditation, spiritual healing, and intensive clairvoyant programs with Leon LeGant of The Psychic School in San Francisco and served on their board of directors.

Living on the Big Island of Hawaii since 2001, Brad founded Hale O Akua in 2005. Hale O Akua an organization dedicated to spiritual freedom, teaching clairvoyance, spiritual healing and spiritual wellness.

More recently he has been using his abilities working with mentally retarded and developmentally disabled adults in Kealakekua, Hawaii at The Arc of Kona.

In 2010, he created a new adventure, clairvoyantexplorer.com. Using his spiritual abilities and experience in the field of adventure travel, he is traveling around the Big Island of Hawaii, doing clairvoyant readings of sacred sites (heiaus). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heiau  In the future, he will be expanding to “read” sacred sites around the globe and with his wife leading spiritual pilgrimages to such places as the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain.

Brad is a very capable clairvoyant reader, spiritual teacher and healer. He enjoys saying hello to people as spirit and teaching them about their own innate spiritual abilities in ways that allow them to experience being psychic in practical and tangible ways. He is a very passionate teacher and enjoys teaching people how to find their own spiritual freedom.

Brad always gets excited at the prospect of a “psychic adventure.”

He may be reached in Hawaii at 808-936-5684 and by e-mail at clairvoyantexplorer@gmail.com