Luminous Fibers – Winter Solstice 2012


These are my notes from a clairvoyant reading on November 7, 2012

Using a timeline to read questions, I started to notice and get info regarding the event of the end of the Mayan Calendar, the Winter Solstice, 2012

I see the event as an intense brightness of light, very intense bright white and gold and millions of light fibers coming out of the center. On a timeline I saw increasingly more of the foreign energy came off their timeline, their own energy and mockups began to connect with the luminous fibers of this event. It was/is amazing!

I became aware of this opportunity of all souls on this planet to connect to this God consciousness and to connect with all the other souls on this planet in Love, Awareness, Cooperation.

Real congruency for the earth and its inhabitants. I believe I was witnessing a miracle that will be happening on the Winter Solstice. This will be happening whether we as souls take advantage of it or not.

I think this is really the first time I sat down and looked at this phenomena for myself and I now I am glad I did as I see the opportunity to create a miracle instead of matching all the doomsday energy and drama around the end of the Mayan Calendar and this massive time cycle.

I made a comment that this is the event that many have spoken of and for the first time it makes sense to me and my body. I can understand this as I have seen and read this for myself.

I was also aware looking at them that we as human beings are already hardwired for this event. All we have to do is match the energy of this event and our bodies and energy anatomy turns on and begins to vibrate with this miracle energy. When I looked at them I see the same thing happening in her space as I do at the event.

There is much Love, Wisdom, Information at this point. I think this energy has always been here with us.

This event is a universal marker, in time that is significant for this planet, its inhabitants and everyone’s survival and evolution.

From reading them, I also became aware, that everyone has the opportunity to go as far back in time and their consciousness as their permission will let them to release anything has hurt, limited as in any restricted or tried to destroy their growth and evolution as a being. It has to do with this solstice and connecting the/their past with this event and using the event as a catalyst to release.
I am very excited to look at this further, write more about it and communicate what I see and find. This is the first time that I have really had any enthusiasm for this event and I look forward to sharing more of my information on it.

Brad Charlevoix – November 7, 2012

FYI – I was using royal frankincense when I was reading

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