Attention…Where Is Yours?

I believe our Attention is one of our most valuable assets. Why, because whatever, we have our attention on is where we are living our lives. Our attention may be on the Present, Past or Future.  Although our bodies live in the present. As Spirits, we are not restricted to just time and space. We can go/be anywhere.

Well, how do you control, discipline and use your attention to your own advantage? As a psychic, I know a great tool to help you own your attention. It is called “being in the center of head”

Let’s do a little exercise to begin to become familiar with this concept. Sitting upright in a chair with both feet flat on the floor, close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths…..Ahhhhh! That feels good!

Take a couple of minutes and start to just notice your thoughts. Don’t worry about what they are and don’t worry about trying to control them or change them. Just let them be…those of you that meditate, may have heard this before…

How is it going?…..Are you finding it easy or hard?

Start to bring your awareness, your attention to a place I call the center of your head. Imagine a place, behind your eyes. A real easy way to find it is: Take your two index fingers, put one in the middle of your forehead and in the middle of the back of your head. Imagine a line of energy connecting these points.

Now, take those same two digits and put one on either side of your head, on that bone in front of your ears. Draw another line between these two points. Where the two lines cross, this is the center of your head. That was easy! Try to let your    attention just be there. This place is the equivalent of the driver’s seat for the being in the body.

Let’s use our imaginations and explore this space. Be in the center of your head and take a look around. Is it light or dark, colors? If you need turn some lights on and take another look. Do you see anybody hanging around. Don’t judge what you see, remember, we are exploring!

Imagine this space is a room. Like any room, you can decorate it. Put in some nice furniture, a rug, lamps, painting, or perhaps you like things more zen. You might want just a nice chair. The point being, to make this place, a place you would like to be…!

Once you comfortable, start to notice your body, what can you hear, smell, what kind of emotions are you aware of?

Do you notice a difference in your thinking, your thoughts.

Is it easy or difficult to be there?

Whether you are meditating, speaking with someone, driving your car, try being in the center of your head and notice the difference.

This is one of many, simple energy tools that I teach in basic meditation classes. Feel free to contact me if you are interested or have any questions.

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