Getting Inspired

Today I want to talk for a few minutes about Inspiration. I have to do a 2-3 minutes talk to inspire my local Toast Master’s club in a week. I’ve come up with an exercise, I’d like to share with you.

We all may have someone, something(s), events that have inspired and probably at least a few that continue to do so. But what happens when we are not inspired. Well I was looking for a simple way to remind us and connect us with a deeper form of inspiration. One that comes from our core beingness. Read along and enjoy!

Find a place where you can be alone and quiet for a few minutes while we do this exercise.

Sit upright in a chair with both feet flat on the floor. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and come into the center of your own head. I want you to imagine an empty bubble around 8-10″ in front of your face. Let appear in this bubble colors, thoughts images, anything that represent any invalidation in your ability to inspire yourself. This could be old failures, judgements from others, anything that invalidates you knowing how to inspire yourself. Just play with this and let the bubble fill up. Watch it happen like a movie.

Now, take a big breath breath and let it out slowly. Imagine this bubble is going to vibrate the cells of your body, your chakras, energy channels, and your aura. All matching energy in the bubble will be activated to your body and energy system. To release all this energy that is not yours, I want you to imagine a large beam of colored light (your choice) that is attached to the base of your spine and extends all the way to the center of the Earth. This is your grounding cord. You can release anything energetically out of your space using this tool.

Let all the invalidation that we have stimulated leave via the grounding cord. Take some deep breaths as you do so.

Let that happens as long as you need to…trust your intuition!

Now empty your bubble and ask it to fill up with your source of inspiration. This might be colors, a feeling, sounds, smells. Don’t limit yourself. Have some fun with it. When you have your bubble the way you like it. Go ahead and move your bubble above your head and imagine everything in your bubble, sliding out of the bubble and beginning to fill you up, from your toes to the top of your head. When your body gets full, let it continue to fill your chakras, energy channels and out into your aura to a distance around 2 1/2 all around your body. Take deep breaths and enjoy Your Own Inspiration!

Take As Needed!

Have a Good Day!